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Guinea pig stories with extra squeak

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Have you heard Bertie squeak yet?

Bertie is a very noisy, friendly little guinea pig. He's also very clever, he can open doors, find his way around gardens and even talk! Bertie's story book app contains 12 unique guinea pig tales; all based on real-life pets. It's free to download and it comes with a FREE story! You can also enjoy Bertie's adventures as audio books.

Discover Bertie's ABC:

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Bertie's books

There are twelve Bertie Guinea Pig stories, all based on the antics of author Helen's real-life pets! Explore them here.


Colour-in with Bertie, test your memory with our fun quiz and see if you can Spot the Difference!

All about guinea pigs!

Discover what guinea pigs like to eat and what they need to be happy, healthy pets. Meet Helen's pets and find a guinea pig rescue near you!

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