Meet Bertie and all his friends...

Guinea pig stories with extra squeak!

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Have you heard Bertie squeak yet?

Bertie is a very noisy, friendly little guinea pig. He's also clever; he can open doors, find his way around gardens and even talk! Bertie's story collection includes 12 unique tales - fun guinea pig books based on real pets and full of real guinea pig squeaks. Perfect for long journeys or bedtime tales. Find Bertie on the App Store or enjoy his tales as audio books!

Enjoy one of Bertie's ebooks:

Listen to one of Bertie's poems:

Bertie's ebooks

There are twelve guinea pig books in Bertie's app collection, all based on the antics of author Helen's real-life pets! Explore them here.

Bertie's audio books

Available as a CD and audio downloads. Listen to Bertie's talking tales here.

All about guinea pigs

Discover what guinea pigs like to eat and what they need to be happy, healthy pets.

Find all twelve of Bertie's guinea pig tales in The Story Mouse library: