Caring for your guinea pig

Guinea pigs need water, hay and fresh food every day.

Guinea pigs can be housed outdoors or inside but just like you, they love to be warm and dry.

Guinea pigs like gentle cuddles.

Guinea pigs like to live in groups or ‘herds’ so they don’t get lonely or bored.

Guinea pigs enjoy being stroked but once they have had enough, they will toss their head back and start to fidget.

Guinea pigs don’t like loud noises or sudden movements.

Guinea pigs love to feel safe so hold them firmly, but please don’t squeeze.

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly and enjoy being played with but they are not toys!

Guinea pigs love to have space to play.

Guinea pigs enjoy tubes and boxes to hide in.

A free-range guinea pig will find things to nibble. Keep him safe from wires.

Put your guinea pig in a safe place if he is left alone (his hutch or pen.)

Remember other animals can scare guinea pigs, so keep them safe when outside.

If your guinea pig stops eating or fluffs itself up in the corner, let your Vet check him over.

Always treat your guinea pig with respect and remember he has feelings too.

Wheep Wheep!”


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