Did you know?

Bertie guinea pig

  • Guinea pigs don’t have tails!

  • Guinea pigs make lots of different sounds – they squeak, purr and chatter.

  • When a guinea pig is hungry she will often grind her teeth as well as squeak.

  • When a guinea pig is 5 he is quite old.

  • Guinea pigs are also called cavies.

  • Guinea pigs and hamsters are not the same!

  • Guinea pigs can run really fast.

  • If a guinea pig gets scared he will freeze.

  • Some guinea pigs like to lick fingers.

  • If a guinea pig is cross he will throw his head back and sometimes rattle his teeth!

  • Guinea pigs like a friend to talk to and snuggle with.

  • Guinea pigs can be house-trained like a cat.

  • When guinea pigs are really happy they jump in the air with joy.

  • Guinea pigs make the world a better place…

Jenny guinea pig