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How well do you know Bertie guinea pig? See if you can answer these questions.

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Bertie Guinea Pig stories - Bertie's Friends

  1. What does Jenny guinea pig find when she comes to stay?

  2. Can you remember the name of the ‘Cheeky Chicken’?

  3. What could Bertie feel inside his big person’s tummy?

  4. What did Amy eat inside the back pack?

  5. Why did Bertie visit the vet?

  6. What does Bertie give Santa to help Rudolph?

  7. Bertie makes friends on holiday, can you remember who with?

  8. Where does Bertie meet Harry guinea pig?

  9. Can you remember the name of the honey bee who gets stuck in Bertie’s house?

  10. What does Bertie call the pumpkin?

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