Beautiful Babies

I’ve just had another article published in Guinea Pig MagazineArticle for Guinea Pig Magazine May 2012. This is the third and final one of a series about the pets who inspired the Stories of Bertie the Guinea Pig. In this issue you can read all about our home-grown guinea pig babies – and what happened when I had a baby of my own!

The app story, Bertie and the New Baby draws on many of my experiences of pregnancy and pets but it’s also a great story for little ones who are expecting a younger brother or sister!

Guinea pig babies are called pups and when they are born they are fully-furred with eyes open. They are extremely cute mini-pigs! Baby guinea pigs are usually skipping about within hours and nibbling hay, but they need to stay with Mum for a while while so she can feed them milk.

It’s important to check if you have boys or girl guinea pig babies, as the boys will have to leave Mum after a few weeks (usually a month) or they will start chasing her round the pen!

Boys (or boars) can live together but they don’t always get on well if there are girl guinea pigs (or sows) nearby. Keep a close eye on them.

Sometimes telling the difference between boy and girl guinea pigs is difficult. Your Vet will be able to help.

If you have had a litter of baby guinea pigs unexpectedly and you need help, please contact one of the rescues on this site and they will be able to advise you.