Bertie Comes to the (guinea pig) Rescue

Bertie is about to make a new friend. Can you guess who it might be?

Bertie makes friends at the guinea pig rescue. An image from the story, Bertie Comes to the RescueWhat is a guinea pig rescue?

In Bertie’s new story he visits the local guinea pig rescue with his big person. A rescue is an animal shelter, a place where animals can be looked after until they are found a new home. There are lots of guinea pig rescues all around the world! They are run by very kind people who love guinea pigs! They take in guinea pigs (and sometimes other animals too) who no longer have a home or need help. Often the rescue is at someone’s house, in their shed or outhouse. Some rescues are quite small and only have a few guinea pigs, others have lots of animals living there. Imagine how noisy it is at teatime!

Two of our guinea pigs, Horatio and Mable (pictured below) came from a rescue. They are both adorable little guinea pigs! We are hoping to adopt two more very soon.

Mable and Horatio, two of our (NEGPR) rescue guinea pigs

Why do guinea pigs end up in rescue?

There are lots of reasons why guinea pigs go to live at a rescue shelter. In the story, Bertie Comes to the Rescue, Bertie finds out all about it:

  • Sometimes girl guinea pigs have a litter of babies and there isn’t room for everyone to stay together. Mable was an unwanted baby guinea pig, but she’s wrapped up in love now!
  • Not everyone can keep pets at their homes, sometimes when people move house, the guinea pigs can’t come along.
  • Some people don’t look after their guinea pigs properly, a rescue will make sure the guinea pigs are fed, watered and loved.
  • Sadly some people decide they just don’t want their pets any more! Bertie was very shocked when he heard this.
  • Some pets can be lonely if they lose their special friend and their owners aren’t able to get another guinea pig. This is what happened to Horatio. He was sad because his friend had died but our local rescue looked after him until we gave him a new home and now, he has lots of friends to play with! He’s a very happy boy.

Find Bertie Comes to the Rescue in Bertie’s storybook app and his audio book collection.

Bertie donates a percentage of every sale from the story app to his local rescue centre, NEGPR.

Listen to the audiobook version right here and enjoy/try before you buy!

Do you have a guinea pig rescue near you?

There are many, many guinea pigs in rescues and shelters here in the UK and overseas who would really appreciate a loving forever home. There might be a guinea pig near you that needs a good home!

Even if you can’t adopt a guinea pig, you might be able to help the rescue in another way. Maybe you could donate food or hay, or help them to raise funds?

Click here to see a list of rescues in the UK and overseas. And if your local rescue isn’t on Bertie’s list, please let me know!

Horatio guinea pig. He is 'Harry' in the Bertie stories!

Horatio, our little lion – do you recognise him? He is ‘Harry’ in the stories!

Mable guinea pig, Feb 2015

Lovely Mable, do you think she looks like Bertie?