Creating a buzz at Cherryburn!

Bertie and I were thrilled to be invited to the annual BeeFest at NT Cherryburn (the birth place of print artist Thomas Bewick) at the weekend.

We were joined by our friends the Broomley Bees and lots of other exhibitors and visitors young and old – for a buzzing celebration of these incredible insects! We visited the bees in their hives, watched local children waggle dancing and marvelled at the brilliant bee costumes.

Beefest 3

Photo courtesy of The Broomley Bee Project

There was delicious honey on sale, lovely local products, beautiful crafts to buy, great music and even a pollen hunt!

Beefest 1

Can you spot Bertie’s stall?

It was a great honour to christen the brand new story-telling chair at Cherryburn which has been made by local community group Endeavour Woodcrafts. Naturally, Bertie and the Buzzy Bee was the favourite story!

BeeFest 2

Helen reading in the new story chair while the toy piggies enjoy a cuddle!

We even acquired a Bernie Bee of our own, thanks to the Broomley Bee Project, who not only love bees, they also love knitting too! He looks very happy alongside Amy and Bertie don’t you think?

Beefest 4

Bernie bee joins our knitted Amy and Bertie for a quick photo.

Thanks to everyone who came along and listened so intently to the stories and for all your amazing squeaking and buzzing!

BeeFest 5

Photo courtesy of the Broomley Bee Project


Some interesting facts about bees:

1. Girl bees have to work very hard. They go out in search of pollen and nectar.

2. Boy bees usually stay in the hive (in the story, Bernie is on a special errand for the Queen.)

3. Only girl bees can sting. Boy bees don’t have a stinger!

4. Bees perform the ‘waggle dance’ to show the rest of the hive where the best pollen and nectar is.

5. We need bees! Bees help to put food on our plates by pollinating the plants we eat.

6. Guinea pigs and bees have something in common – they both love dandelions!

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Bertie and the Buzzy Bee

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