Guinea Pig Holidays

I hope you are enjoying Bertie’s brand new story, Bertie Has a Holiday!

As always, the story is based on the adventures of my own little guinea pigs. Here they are at Grandma’s recently, under the stairs, just like in the story!

Author Helen's guinea pigs on holiday at Grandma's

If you are planning a long journey with your guinea pigs here are some helpful tips from Bertie and Jenny:

  • “We like hay to hide in as it makes us feel safe, so please put some in our box. If you have fleece in the box, please give us something to hide inside (like a cosy) so we feel snug.
  • Water bottles drip quite a bit in the car and can make travel boxes very wet. Always offer us water when you stop but try chopped up cucumber and melon as travelling treats as they have lots of water in them.
  • Please don’t play your music too loud as we are easily frightened, we like soothing tunes the best!
  • If you have a rest-stop then please don’t leave us to get hot in the car, take us with you or have someone sit with us, with the windows open. We have furry coats and can easily overheat.
  • Don’t worry if we hide in our houses when we get to where we are going, it will take us some time to explore our new pen or hutch.
  • Keep us away from any tasty looking vegetable patches…..”

Bertie finds Grandad's vegetable patch an iPad image from the guinea pig story, Bertie has a Holiday.

Do you have any top travelling tips? Please feel free to leave them in the comments box below 🙂