Happy Halloween!

Bertie's Halloween Treat - guinea pig book

Here in North East England, the autumn is well and truly upon us and to celebrate the new season we have a Bertie tale that’s perfect for Halloween!

Bertie and his friends are about to try a brand new food and discover that Halloween can be a lot of fun for everyone:

What food do you think Bertie and his friends are eating? To help you decide, here’s a list of some great autumnal treats for your guineas:

  • Pumpkin – make sure to remove the seeds first but your guineas will enjoy the flesh and the peel
  • Sweet potato – this is a lovely treat. Ours like the skin peeled off first.
  • Carrots – an all year round favourite, guineas love the tops too!
  • Peppers – remove the seeds first, all colours are good.
  • Corn on the Cob – guineas love all of this, leaves, silk and corn!
  • Apples – not too many though as they are high in sugar!If you are pruning your apple trees then be sure to save a few branches for your piggies, they love to chew the bark and it helps keep their teeth trim.

image shows the book cover of the guinea pig story, Bertie's Halloween TreatYou can find Bertie’s Halloween Treat in his storybook app and in Bertie’s audio book album. Find out more here. In the meantime, here’s a fabulous colouring in sheet to enjoy, made by Bertie’s illustrator, Liz Lewis. Just click on the picture to open the image and print it out!

Halloween png plain

 Happy Halloween!