Helen’s guinea pigs

Bertie’s author, Helen has loved guinea pigs her whole life. They have been part of her family since she was a little girl, that’s a very long time ago!
The characters in Bertie’s stories are all based on real-life pets and their cheeky antics. The stories are full of fun and squeaks, just like Helen’s real house! It’s Helen’s present day guinea pigs that you can hear squeaking in the stories.
Bertie and Jenny were two very special guinea pigs that lived with Helen a long time ago. They really were best friends and Jenny really did have no squeak!
image shows Bertie and Jenny guinea pig c1999
Here’s an old photo of them both:
Can you spot which guinea pig is Bertie and which one is Jenny?
Bertie loved to talk to Jenny and they would often have a big chat over the fence. Bertie would squeak extra loudly at teatime to make up for Jenny’s missing squeak!
Bertie’s YouTube channel has regular hutch updates and videos of Helen’s current guinea pigs.
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