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World Book Day!

It’s World Book Day this Thursday and we’re very excited here at Bertie towers! World Book Day is all about promoting reading and celebrating books in their many forms. We thought it would be fun to celebrate our favourite guinea pig stories, so Bertie’s illustrator, Liz has made a super Bertie Guinea Pig mask for you to […]

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Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

Horatio and Mable guinea pig, both from North East Guinea Pig Rescue

Did you know March is officially ‘Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month’? This annual event was started by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in 2002. Of course, we like to think EVERY month is ‘Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month’ here! Two of our guinea pigs, Horatio and Mable (pictured below) […]

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A new hutch!

Peppa guinea pig on her bunk bed

Where do your guinea pigs live? Our three guineas live indoors. They have an open pen in our family room, it’s actually rather like the one you see in Bertie’s books! This is our new hutch, would you like to look inside? We’ve tried many different types of hutch over the years but this ‘C&C’ or ‘Cubes […]

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Books Are My Bag!

I was thrilled to be invited along to our local bookshop, Forum Books in Corbridge last month for their Books Are My Bag party. Forum Kids! has just started selling Bertie’s audiobook CDs and asked me to go along and read some of his stories. I took a few of our soft toy guinea pigs along, some balloons […]

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Bertie Comes to the (guinea pig) Rescue

Bertie is about to make a new friend. Can you guess who it might be? What is a guinea pig rescue? In Bertie’s new story he visits the local guinea pig rescue with his big person. A rescue is an animal shelter, a place where animals can be looked after until they are found a new […]

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Guinea Pig Holidays

I hope you are enjoying Bertie’s brand new story, Bertie Has a Holiday! As always, the story is based on the adventures of my own little guinea pigs. Here they are at Grandma’s recently, under the stairs, just like in the story! If you are planning a long journey with your guinea pigs here are […]

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Christmas story – now available

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa has a problem. Can Bertie guinea pig come to the rescue? Only if he can persuade Amy to go to sleep first! Bertie’s Christmas Carrot is the sixth story in Bertie’s collection and is extra special, being just a little bit longer than the other tales. I had great fun […]

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A new friend!

I couldn’t resist posting a picture of our new little boy guinea pig who has joined the family this week! Horatio is 18 months old and a real little cutey pie! We’ve adopted him from North East Guinea Pig Rescue and he’s joined our 3 girls, Peppa, Petal and Amy in the pen in our utility […]

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Animal Corner

I spent a great afternoon at our local Farm Shop today, reading Bertie stories and cuddling guinea pigs! There were also rabbits, ferrets, mice, rats, snakes, spiders, a hedgehog, giant snails, chicks and an owl! Many thanks to Dan from Pet Connexions for letting me come along and join in the fun at Brocksbushes Animal Corner […]

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Beautiful Babies

I’ve just had another article published in Guinea Pig Magazine. This is the third and final one of a series about the pets who inspired the Stories of Bertie the Guinea Pig. In this issue you can read all about our home-grown guinea pig babies – and what happened when I had a baby of my […]

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