HapBEE Easter!

Did you know there’s a buzzy new tale in Bertie’s app?

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Bertie’s latest book, Bertie and the Buzzy Bee features a rather friendly honey bee called Bernie.

What’s he doing in Bertie’s house? And why is Amy hiding in her igloo?

Find out how bees collect nectar!

This lovely summery story is beautifully illustrated and packed full of noisy squeaks. Bertie and Amy are about to make a brand new friend and find out some fun facts about bees along the way!

app line up screen shotYou can join in this buzzy adventure with Bertie’s storybook app this Easter.

Like all Bertie’s tales, you can choose to read the story yourself or listen to the narration and all Helen’s character voices!

Easter Fun

In the meantime, why not download our special HapBee Easter colouring-in sheet, which you can also make in to a super Easter card for your family or friends?

Just click on the picture below, print out the sheet and start colouring!

Why not use some of your Easter egg foil wrapping to make a pretty collage on the bow?

Easter card colour in

 Have a very Happy Easter, from Bertie and all his friends!