Visiting the Vet

Bertie Guinea Pig - Bertie Visits the Vet Nearly all guinea pigs have to see a vet at some point in their life. Just like us, guinea pigs can get poorly too! Vets help animals when they are sick. Sometimes guinea pigs need medicine, sometimes they might need a vet to help them with their claws or teeth.

Guinea pigs are naturally nervous little animals and taking them to the vets can be quite a frightening experience for them. Here are Bertie’s top tips on helping your guinea pig feel safe when you are visiting the vet:

Bertie, from The Stories of Bertie the Guinea Pig by Helen J. Aitken and Liz Lewis

  • If possible, put your guinea pig into a proper travel carrier. This will help your guinea pig feel secure and make sure they are safe from other animals at the vets (who might want to come and give them a sniff when you walk in!)
  • Line your travel carrier with some newspaper and your guinea pig’s usual bedding, this way the carrier will smell of home.
  • If your guinea pig enjoys cuddling up in a fleece cosy, put one in the box. Your guinea pig will feel really secure inside!
  • Put some of your guinea pig’s favourite food inside the box to give him/her something else to think about. Cucumber is great as it is watery, as well as being tasty.
  • If your guinea pig has to stay for the day, then make sure you take a water bottle and some hay along too. Your guinea pig will want a drink and something to eat when they have had their treatment.
  • Keep talking to your guinea pig when you are travelling and while you are waiting. This will help them feel calm.
  • If your guinea pig is not used to travelling in the car,keep the radio turned down so they are not alarmed by any loud music.
  • Do keep your guinea pig securely in their travel box until it is time to see your vet. If you lift your guinea pig out in the waiting room then they might panic and try to jump down. Or one of the other animals in the waiting room might think you have brought them a toy to play with!
  • When you get home, allow your guinea pig time to settle back into their hutch and calm down before getting them out for cuddles.

Even Bertie had to see the vet once. He met a very cheeky cat in the waiting room. Other animals can be very curious about guinea pigs! Bertie Guinea Pig book - Bertie Visits the Vet

Bertie was very brave when he had his treatment. The vet was very kind and gentle with him. Find out what happened in his story, Bertie Visits the Vet